The Dish

The satellite dish. That reliable, omnipresent parabolic residential appendage, facilitating technology for the rise of satellite television in the late 70s, and modern day delivery medium for Murdoch’s media empire. On a short impromptu photowalk in somewhat economically deprived Bexhill-on-Sea my lens inadvertently captured a huge range of the rusted concave devices, their cables trailing … Continue reading The Dish

Magnus Laughing

Weaning has been a bit of a journey. Of all the many challenges one faces as a parent, few offer so many highs and lows, or introduce so much parental anxiety, as the process of ensuring your child develops a healthy relationship with food whilst trying to get enough balanced, healthy calories into the kid … Continue reading Magnus Laughing

Woolacombe 2015

Day 2 The wind today blew us around a little. Our first walk of the day was a battle, with rain driving into us on gusts of Atlantic breath. Later it softened a little and we braved the huge expanse of Woolacombe’s beach. Bare feet, rain pocked sand, bitingly cold water, white cloudy skies. It … Continue reading Woolacombe 2015

New Bicycle

I’ll admit it. I’m a serial abuser of perfectly good bicycles. I ride them into the ground giving them very little TLC; the bare minimum of maintenance. I’m hopeful this time will be different, but don’t hold your breath. I’ve got myself a Fuji Track 2.1, an aluminium version of their very popular Track. I’ll … Continue reading New Bicycle